Magic, Most Potent. Unique Items Listing.

    What makes an item unique? Well, they are simply rare. There is and can only be one of each unique item on the website, so if you possess that item then no other player can unless you give it to them. They are won through contests or sold on the market by Wormy, the site Administrator. These items are rare, beautiful, and powerful... Only the most dedicated players will recover them.

    New unique items are added to the world on a regular basis, so bookmark the site and make sure to check back for your chance to win one of these marvelous pieces of magic. Below is a listing of each unique item currently on the website and what player owns that item. Feel free to mail a player if you wish to barter for their item.

Magical Items and their Owners
Sword of Gryffindor
Owned by jeanmarc

Site Origin: Sold on Marketplace for 50,000 sickles

This is the sword that slayed the basilisk of the chamber of secrets, once owned by Godric Gryffindor. Being goblin-made, this blade is indestructible and can repel dirt. It also can absorb the magic of anything that is more powerful than itself, which in turn would make this sword more powerful... Hence why it can destroy Horcruxes, because it is imbibed with basilisk venom.
Dobby's Sock
Owned by jfgr

Site Origin: A Secret Button, hidden somewhere on the site

Dobby is a house-elf who once served the Malfoy family, but was freed by Harry Potter and lived a great life in his freedom. Always with him however he held onto this very sock... The sock that Harry Potter gave him to free Dobby. Yes, it is old... Yes it is smelly... But it was the most prized possession of a free elf, held only below the elves greatest wizard friends.
Dumbledore's Pensieve
Owned by iceene

Site Origin: Won in Dumbledore's Day Off art contest, November 2009.

The great pensieve that Dumbledore so often used to clear his thoughts. Oh how much time this great wizard would use his pensive, if it were not for this amazing magical object then You-Know-Who himself may have defeated Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter.
More unique items are added every month!

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