The Maurader's Site Map

    This page gives you a list of the things you can do/the pages on this website. It is an easy way to get around the site and see pages that normally you might miss.

Site Pages
Welcome Page A simple index page welcoming you to the site.
News See this page for site updates and news.
FAQ/About the Site A long list of frequently asked questions about the website and a history of the website.
Attributes A list of attributes that can be affected by your broom, wand, and artifact items.
Site Map A list of pages on the website and details like this (you are at this page currently).
Email the Creator A form to email the creator of the website.
Banners Banners and Icons for your messengers, sites, and myspaces.

Games Listing See a list of all games available to play on the site.
Game Ratings by Player See a list of all games and their ratings per individual player.
Dumbledores Day Off Art See the art created by players in the lineart game 'Dumbledores Day Off'.

Log In Log into your character here.
Register Register your new character or account here.

Character Hub
Open Presents Generate new items for your character by opening presents. Presents are earned by playing games.
Buy or Sell Items Buy items and presents for your character using sickles earned by playing games. Or sell items.
Account Options Modify your account settings (email, password, ect) and choose a quidditch team.
Wardrobe Selector Choose which clothes, items and accessories to wear and which to hold in your inventory.
Character Makeover Change the genetic traits of your character (facial features, hair color, ect).
Your Public Profile See your profile as other players see it; view your highscore list and other information.
Unique Items Information about Unique Items.

Community Pages
Discussion Board Post on the discussion board and play discussion games with your fellow Brooms Online players.
The Owlery (Mail) Send mail to other players and meet new people in a private setting.
Teams Page View quidditch teams, their badges, and manage your quidditch team.
Player List See a list of recently logged in players and their information.
House Cup See which school house is currently winning the house cup.

this site offers flash harry potter games, character creation and leveling, and item collection. Play as Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape, Dumbledore, and more through many different wizard and witch games. At this site you can play multiplayer harry potter games online, all of them are browser games so no download needed. Chat and create quidditch teams with other visitors. by Lysle
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