The House Cup Goes to...

        Playing a game earns points in that game for your house, and if your house has more points in that game than the other houses then your house will become that games leader. The house that is the leader of the most games wins the house cup!

The House Cup Currently Belongs To:

        Is your house losing? Get out onto your favorite Harry Potter websites and let the people in your house know about the site! Getting more players of your house to play games will help your house earn points.

House Point Distribution:

Escape from Gringotts351215124307402301360682
Hang Harry22293891681582247290242
Forest Fall13836773533223344122860
Flight from Privet Drive915303371095030119039
Puzzle Potion Sorting88692749605111185128658
Nagini's Revenge8498644023141357131631
Horcrux Hunting356096171055534162636588
Ron's Dream119778405339216590629
Multiplayer Quidditch4995000499
Dumbledore's Army0000
Multiplayer Quidditch (Old Version)0000
Time Turners0000
Dodge the Death Eaters1828674492869217970
Dumbledore's Day Off2895995423981029502

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