Attributes FAQ & Listing

What are stats/attributes?
        Stats can be found on some Wands, Artifacts, and Brooms. They give you bonuses for games, making your character more powerful. For instance, +3 to flying will make you fly faster in games where you ride a broomstick.

How do I get a Wand?
        You can get a magic wand from the Markletplace. Wands are always for sale by Ollivander, the website wand maker. Ollivander is not a real player, he is a NPC who replenishes the sites wand-stock every day. Check back daily for new wands for sale, each with different stats and different prices. Sometimes wands can be very cheap and very good! Keep an eye out for a good deal. As you graduate to higher grades (2nd year, 3rd year, ect) Ollivander will offer you better and better wands.

How do I get Brooms and Artifacts?
        You can buy artifacts and brooms from other players or get them in your presents. To get a broom or artifact present with attribute points, just select broom or artifact from the pull-down menu on the Presents page. All brooms and artifacts have attributes, but some are better than others. 2nd year students will get items with as high as +2 attribute points, 3rd years will get items with as high as +3 attributes, ect. The best items will only be generated for 7th year students, and the chances of getting a +7 attribute point item is very low even for 7th years.

Can we stack attributes?
        Stacking attributes is to have two items equipped that both increase the same attribute. For instance, if your wand gives you +7 Stunning and your artifact gives you +7 Stunning, then your stacked stunning attribute will be 7 + 7 = 14. Stacking is not allowed. The item with the highest attribute will be counted, and the other item will be ignored. The highest you can raise any attribute point by is 7.

What Attributes can be changed and what effects do they have?
        Here is a table with commonly seen attributes and their effects in games:

Common Attributes
Dragon Riding Helps maintain better control of your dragon in the game 'escape from gringotts'.
Broomstick Control Increases acceleration in games where you are on a broomstick.
Broomstick Speed In games where you are flying on a broomstick, increases maximum speed.
Forest Navigation In 'forbidden forest fall', increases running speed.
Potion Sorting Better rewards for playing 'potions class'.
Stunning In the game 'dumbledors army', red spells do more damage.
Disarming In the game 'dumbledors army', blue spells do more damage.

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